Why does (almost) everything fun require a helmet?

While cleaning up the garage the other day, it occurred to me that I have a number of different helmets for different leisure activities.  I have a couple of motorcycle helmets for when I go on rides on my Harley Davidson.  I also have a different helmet for racing my cars. A helmet is required for both road racing with the SCCA as well as when I hit the drag strip.  While considering these helmets, I realized I also have a helmet up in St. Germain, WI where I ride my snowmobiles.  It seems like having fun equates to wearing a helmet…

I realize other friends get real exercise and often wear helmets on their bicycles.  I have a bike – but I do not own a helmet for it.  I probably should, but I ride it once every third year so it is not a good investment…  There are football helmets, and baseball batter’s helmets, etc, etc.

The head is a pretty important part of the body.  I think I will continue to protect it.  Being bald, I also wear a lot of hats in the summer to keep it from burning.  Not quite a helmet – but still a protective device for us bald guys.

Ted Cahall

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