Ted Cahall Pioneers Cahall Racing

Cahall Racing began from humble beginnings back in March of 2009.  Previously, Ted Cahall enjoyed a number of years of high-performance driving events Seattle and Northern Virginia. In 2009, he decided to apply for his SCCA Club Racing Novice Permit and finish Drivers School. He renting a car from Mike Collins at Meathead RacingTed barely passed his second drivers school at Summit Point Raceway in WV.  He then began his first year of wheel-to-wheel competition in the SCCA. He obtained his regional racing license after his first two rookie races.  Ted obtained his national competition license in 2009 as well.

Larry Cahall

In March 2010, Ted talked his brother, Larry Cahall, into joining him at a refresher drivers school at Summit Point. Larry passed his double driver’s school and obtained his Novice Permit.  He aslo went on to obtain his regional and national SCCA Club Racing competition licenses.

Bob Cahall

In March of 2011, youngest brother Bob Cahall joined Ted and Larry and obtained his Novice Permit. Bob had a bit more fun than his brothers.  He really pushed the bounds of the school and the car. Needless to say the damage was repaired.  Bob went on to obtain his regional and national competition licenses in record time by competing in three different classes. He raced his first national race in his rookie year of racing.  That was something neither of his older brothers had done.