Cahall Racing moves to a new web site

Today the old hand-crafted HTML site moved over to WordPress.  WordPress is so much simpler to manage and it was time to modernize and simplify.   Additionally, also now hosts my old WordPress blog that previously was on

Unfortunately, when moved away from being a user based photo storing site, I was not quick enough to grab all of my photos.  So a number of the photo links were broken on the old site, and continue to be broken now here on its new home.  Worst of all, for many of them, I cannot find the original photos anywhere. I have been looking through old hard drives, DVDs and CDs to see if I can find them.  I will also at least remove the broken links.

For now, the old  static “” site is still alive.  It currently lives at – but at some point I will likely kill it.  For SEO reasons, now redirects here with a 301 to make the search engines happy. It was fun making the old date format go away in the rewrite rule. I love apache!

Now both of the old sites live in one place – here – on

Ted Cahall

New site

Ted Cahall of Cahall Racing has been hard at work on the MARRS Points tracking application for the Washington DC Region’s, Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS). Updates to this site have been delayed by that work. There are many new cars and most of the cars shown here have been sold, retired, or died an untimely death. Currently the Cahall Racing Stable contains four (4) 1999 Spec Miata (SM) cars, one (1) 2003 Spec Miata (SM) car, and a 2006 MX-5 that can be driven in the STL or SM5 classes. The motorhome is still chugging along as well.

Ted Cahall

Welcome to Cahall Racing

Cahall Racing is a team of brothers that race as part of SCCA Club Racing. The team came together over the years with Ted Cahall getting his regional and national license in 2009, followed by Larry Cahall getting his licenses in 2010.   In 2011, brother Bob Cahall rounded out the team by obtaining his Novice Permit at Summit Point, WV. Not only did Bob receive both his regional and national competition licenses, but he was also the first Cahall brother to compete in a national race in his rookie year.

Ted, Larry, and Bob want to thank Mike Collins and Meathead Racing for its continued support of their ongoing racing endeavors.

Ted Cahall

Racing Blog Back Online

My hosting provider performed a platform upgrade (actually sold part of the business and moved to a new colo).  So somewhere between September 25th and October 2nd, my blog went down when WordPress could no longer access the DB.  While they assured their users there would be no interruptions to service, clearly that was not the case.

I saw that the blog was down this morning, figured out what was wrong,  and edited the wp-config file to point to the new database.  Things are seemingly back to normal.  It could have been MUCH worse.  I have seen total disasters in migrations such as these (none under my management of course).  🙂

Now I need to jump in my car and high-tail it to Summit Point, WV for my last SCCA Club Race of the season.  I am shooting for a new personal best lap record after setting one in the qualifying race yesterday.

Ted Cahall First Track Adventure with Scott Scazafavo

My first track adventure was back in September of 2006 with Scott Scazafavo.  It was a team building event with a number of co-workers.  I had no idea how expensive Scott’s idea for a team building event would turn out!

Here are some photos of the great adventure.  Click on one of the pictures to start the gallery.

Ted Cahall