The Cahall Racing drivers all participate in organized “Club Racing” through the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The SCCA offers solo racing, rally racing, pro racing, high performance driving events, time trials, etc. The Pro and Club Racing segments are the only events that allow wheel-to-wheel racing on paved “road course” (non-oval) tracks across America. Many of these tracks are covered in the “tracks” section of this web site.

SCCA Club Racing has two major segments: regional racing and national racing. The SCCA is broken down into 9 national divisions. Cahall Racing races out of the Northeast Division. Each division has a number of regions and Cahall Racing calls the Washington DC region (WDCR) its home. The WDCR hosts the Mid-Atlantic Road Race Series (MARRS) which uses a points based system to determine its annual winner. The national champion is determined by a “runoff” feature race held in September with the best national racers in the country.

Cahall Racing works with the largest Spec Miata builder and support team in the Washington region: Meathead Racing. Meathead Racing has provided all the cars, support, technical advice, towing, and community to Cahall Racing over the last three years. If there is interest in racing, Meathead Racing is the place to start.