Racing into 2018…

Now that I have moved to a proper blog and updated my SCCA profile, it is time for me to think of actually racing in a car.   It has been almost a year since I last raced – at MARRS 1 in April of 2017.

I checked with my two esteemed male siblings about their plans for MARRS racing this year.  Unfortunately, due to work issues, Larry will not make it out this year aside from a possible PDX.

My younger brother Bob is all for it, if he can only get around to renewing his SCCA license and the likes.

So the official plan for “Cahall Racing” this year is to try to race all of the 2018 MARRS series – both the Summit Point races and “away” races.  This may be very tricky without Larry’s motor home support and Meathead Racing relocating out to Chantilly temporarily.  

Maybe – if the MARRS series goes well and the cars hang in there, I will be able to do an SCCA Majors race at the ARRC down in Atlanta in November.

Let the adventure begin!

Ted Cahall

Author: Ted Cahall

Ted Cahall is an executive, engineer, entrepreneur as well as amateur race car driver. He combined his skills as an engineer and passion for racing by developing the points tracking website for the Washington DC region of the SCCA.