Marrspoints Statistics and Graphs – NEW!

MARRSpoints Statistics and Graphs are some of the newest features in the MARRS tracking site,

Marrspoints Statistics and Graphs: Average Drivers per Class per Season
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Race Class Participation

The stats now compare some categories across the last five years through the 2015-2019 seasons. The graph above shows the top 10 classes over the last 5 years and the clear emergence of Bracket Racing as a top 3 or top 4 class in the last two years (it was not measured by marrspoints prior to the 2018 season). This is important to the Washington DC Region as they continue to look for ways to increase driver participation and revenue. Mazda Miatas still dominate the racing landscape with both the pure Miata SSM and SM classes remaining #1 and #2 each year.

The next graph shows similar information but measures the number of different drivers that participated in at least one race each year.

Marrspoints Statistics and Graphs: Unique Drivers per Class per Season
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The pure Miata SSM and SM classes again dominate. But Bracket Racing (BIT) is coming close to challenging SM for the second most drivers participating in at least one race in the season. BIT looks like a great innovation by Chuck Edmonson. Thank you to Chuck for mentioning and Ted Cahall in SportsCar Magazine. One reason BIT did better in this graph than the average graph was the addition of BIT at NJMP. It was new at NJMP in 2019 and dropped the average – but it did increase the number of new drivers. The 2020 MARRS season was to add BIT/Bracket Racing at VIR until the pandemic interrupted the opportunity.

Ironmen of MARRS

The next two graphs look at who raced the most races per year over the last five years. the first graph shows the top three IRONMAN drivers from each year.

Marrspoints Statistics and Graphs: Top 3 Ironman Drivers for 2015-2019 Seasons
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Congrats to Paul Wight and John Hotz for winning the last two years and previous three years consecutively.

The next graph shows who the all time IRONMAN winners are across all five seasons. Congrats to John Hotz for holding both first and second place in this category and for setting a record that may last for many years to come. John holds 5 of the top 10 positions – which is the maximum possible as there were only five years in the sample.

Marrspoints Statistics and Graphs: Top 10 Ironman Drivers across the last five seasons
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More Statistics and Graphs on the way

The data for the marrspoints statistics and graphs is also available in tables as well. More data comparisons will be done across the years to help see the trends of the Washington DC Region MARRS program. Graphs will be built as well.

This was an interesting project while we wait for the 2020 racing season.

Be safe out there.

Ted Cahall

My First Venture Off the Track

Since I have gotten fairly good at downloading my videos from my TraqMate and editing them, I decided to post a short video of myself sliding off the track in my final race of the year.  I recovered fairly well and still finished the race (after setting my personal best lap time in a few of the previous laps).

You can see the red #14 car sneak up my right side in turn 5 as we stack up into a line of cars.  He stays inside me for turn 6.  Instead of falling in behind him, I keep my line off his left bumper – and run out of track.  This is the old, “watch the track – and not the guy in front of you” lesson.

Ted Cahall