2009 SCCA Spring PDX

Today I attended the SCCA Spring PDX out at Summit Point, WV.  This was a lot of fun compared to either day 1 or day 2 of driving school last weekend.  We were on the Shenandoah course instead of the “Main” course.  This was my first experience with Shenandoah.  It has about twice as many turns as the Main course and has a banked curve modeled after the BMW testing grounds in Nuremberg, Germany.  That is really a lot of fun!

I again rented a car from Meathead Racing.  This time I rented “Bad” Al Bell’s car called, “Pinky”.  As you can see below, it has a couple of pink stripes painted on its Subaru blue body.

Pinky served me well.  I had a great time with all of the practivce sessions.  For the last session of the day, I switched over to Al Bell’s ’99 Miata since I was evaluating which car to buy for the season.

The day was safe and enjoyable.  No spin outs, no fender benders, no stern warnings from the staff or flag workers – and no missed flags!  Good day.

Ted Cahall

Scheduling Snafu Delays 200MPH Attempt

I got news this week that World Class Driving (WCD) needed to cancel the 200 MPH session I was registered for on April 7th.  It seems that they did not have enough participants to fund the event – so they tried to push me up a couple of days to April 5th.  Unfortunately my schedule for April 5th was already booked at Summit Point for SCCA Club Trials.  So now I will need to wait until December for the next 200 MPH event.  Getting my practice in for the SCCA and doing more networking with those people is far more important than making it down to Miami for a one-shot deal.  I still have the opportunity to drive some Ferraris and Lamborghinis out at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on May 21st.  One side benefit of this cancellation is that WCD gives a $1000 discount for the 200 MPH program to members that have participated in a previous event.  Since the May 21st event will now come first, I get the 200 MPH event in December for $1000 less.

Ted Cahall